10+ Awesome Gift Ideas to show your love for newborn babies

A new born baby is a bundle of joy which brings happiness and prosperity into the family. He/ she is given everybody’s undivided attention as they are special and close to our hearts . With a new born baby also comes various ceremonies where all family and friends are invited . Now, for someone so lovely and sweet everyone loves to give something that is exclusive, makes the gift for new born baby stand out and is cherished by the parents of the newborn baby.

Keeping this in mind , we would like to suggest some amazing gift ideas for newborn baby that will make it easy for you to choose and yet bring the best infant gift . Here are some beautiful infant gift ideas to celebrate new life

10+ Lovely Gift Ideas for newborn Babies:

1: Himalaya Babycare Gift Basket 

Show your love for the baby with care by gifting the Himalaya Babycare Gift Basket which is a clinically proven product. This is a beautiful gift for new baby which is both handy and of use to the parents . It is an assortment of herbal products that are very safe and free from any harsh chemicals. The gift pack contains all the necessary products for a newborn.

  • Includes Baby cream 50ml
  • Baby Massage oil 100ml
  • Baby Powder 100g
  • Diaper rash cream 20g
  • Gentle Baby Wipes 72 nos
  • Gentle Baby Shampoo 200ml
  • Gentle Baby Soap 125g

All the products in the basket are dermatologically tested and proven mild enough for daily use on your baby’s gentle skin. This baby gift basket from Himalaya is ideal for naming ceremonies or even for your own little one’s personal use.

Cost: ₹469 | Buy Now

2: Mini Berry Baby Gift Set (Pink)- 13 Pieces

Share with your loved little one and express your good wishes and blessings with this beautiful complete take-me-home newborn baby gift set from WonderKids. An assortment of 100% soft and comfort cotton clothes , this clothing set is an essential for baby’s everyday wear or on special occasions . The gift set includes :

  • 1 crewneck bodysuit with crotch snaps closure
  • 1 t-shirt
  • pants
  • 1 bib
  • A pair of booties 
  • 1 matching cap
  • 4 wash cloth
  • shorts, mittens and towel .

This mini gift is available for both boys and girls in various colours to meet your taste and need.

Cost: ₹539 | Buy Now

3: Bey Bee Just Dry Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet

Give the little one the gift to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer periods with protector sheet .  This product as the name suggest is a must for every new born baby . It is a very comfortable fabric mat which ensures you baby’s skin can breathe easily and enjoy the cottony softness and stay moisturised against friction. It has an extra dry layer to prevent bed wetting.”Bey Bee” is soft, absorbent and water-proof and is available in various sizes and colours , making the mat usable for babies & adult also.

Cost: ₹174 | Buy Now

4: Fareto New Born Baby Double Layer 12 Cotton Nappies/Tying Langots/Cloths Nappies

New born kids require nappies to prevent wetting which is why this is the best gift for newborn. The product is a Great but for kids as it is soft and comfortable in all type of weather conditions. It is an easy wash and reusable which is why it is also a favourites among the parents. It is a collection of 12 Pcs Of Double Layer Indian Style Washable And Reusable Nappies.

Cost: ₹330 | Buy Now

5: Mee Mee Baby Pram with Adjustable Seating Positions and Reversible Handle

Make the world a safe place for the baby by gifting the infant a pram . This pram adheres to the safety standards and is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the baby. This infant gift will help the baby in enjoying his joyful ride to the park, store or any party.  

An easy and compact travel buddy , the pram is designed for 3 different seat positions – sleeping, reclining and seating as per the baby’s needs. It has a soft movable cover at the top and a spacious basked at the bottom for carrying the kids essential stuff.

Cost: ₹ 3374 | Buy Now

6: Sehaz Artworks ‘Baby Love’ Wood Pasted Photo Album

Babies are special and we want to remember each and every part of their childhood. This gift is straight from the heart which shows you care . It’s A scrapbook for recording all your memories of your baby in one combined book. The album is a 30 page book which can be used on either side.

A very thoughtful gift which will not only be of use for the infant as a baby but will stay as a memory with the family forever.

Cost: ₹449 | Buy Now

7: GOCART with G Logo Born Baby Safety Nail Scissors with Circular Cutter Head

Small little kids deserve the utmost care and supervision which is why the GOCART nail scissors with Circular Cutter Heads. It is a rust-proof stainless steel with a long service life and bpa-free plastic which is both environment friendly and also does not harm the human body. It has high level waist twisting device to make sure the kid is safe. 

It is a Perfect baby shower gift which is usable, cute, practical design making to perfect or both baby girl and boy.

Cost: ₹249 | Buy Now

8: Fisher Price New Born Toddler Rocker with Free Diaper Bag

Ideal for infants to toddlers ( up to 40 lbs. /18 Kg). The rocker provides convenient feeding, playing or resting space for babies. It also has a switch for calming vibrations to help soothe and comfort stationary seat position with kick stand removable toy bar with two bat-at toys. It has a two  position seat recline helps keep little ones comfy in both stages. Along with being a rocket it also has a modern design to keep the I can’t safe and ha a Removable, machine washable seat pad sleek.  

Cost: ₹4999 | Buy Now

9: Mee Mee Baby Cradle with Swing, Mosquito Net and Storage Basket

A cradle is an infant’s best place to be thus making it a perfect gift for newborn. It can be used up until the baby turns 3 as it is made  from premium quality metal which is sturdy and long-lasting. The cradle also has a swinging mechanism for the baby to enjoy along with four wheels in the cot, making it easy to move d shift the cradle in different rooms. For a peaceful sleep the cradle also has a mosquito net that shields the baby from insects. 

Cost: ₹3149 | Buy Now

10: HOME BUY Born Baby Fancy Cartoon Face Socks Cum Shoes

Babies love toys and it is one of the best infant gifts. These fancy socks cum shoes serve dual purpose of protection and playing. It is very soft and premium specially designed taking care of the babies skin. It is an easy wash and wear and idle for kids upto 6 months. It Keeps the baby feet Protected from any unwanted elements. They are available in various designs and colours for you to choose from.

Cost: ₹299 | Buy Now

11: LuvLap Baby Bathtub with Antislip

As the name suggest it is a love lap for your baby to enjoy the splash and water during bathing. Especially made for kids these bathtubs are antislip, comfortable and secure. This bathtub will help you in making more life stories by enjoying the little moments with the kid. Taking care of all the safety factors and by undergoing all the quality checks the product is available for a perfect Infant gift. It’s compact size and soft edges keep the baby protected.  Applaud at the base is provided for easily draining the water. It is easy to clean and fun to bathe for kids. It is available in various colours for you to choose from.

Cost: ₹ 1099 | Buy Now

12: Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot and Rocker with Canopy

Ideal for kids under 15 months it is a multipurpose device which can be used as an Infant Baby Car seat, Carry Cot, Rocker and Feeding Chair, when handle used in different position. It is safe and has a point safety belt harness system . The height is adjustable headrest and harness system is designed to adjust to your baby’s height which helps provide a comfortable ride to the Baby. The thick head, shoulder and hip pad provides comfort to the baby. 

It is a great Infant gift as it is easy to carry, multipurpose, safe and comfortable which makes both the baby and parents happy 

Four positions Handle adjustment – Can be used as Wide and padded side protection with cover made of comfortable breathable fabrics

Cost: ₹2454 | Buy Now

13: Babies Bloom Baby Portable Travel Bed

This lightweight bed for the kid comes with  Premium mattress pad for baby’s comfort with a removable, washable sheet. It is foldable and can be converted to a bag with detachable strap. It is best the best gift for infants to help them with a comfortable, relaxing, and enclosed place to sleep. The Breathable mesh at the sides of the travel bed promote air flow for comfortable rest. The bed also includes a fun toy bar, with two toys, to entertain baby while changing their diaper.

Cost: ₹1899| Buy Now

These are some of the gifts ideas for new born baby that will help you attend a baby ceremonies without any worries about the gift.

Choose your best gift and order now.

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