10 Tips to help you find a perfect gift for your loved one.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved. 

The science of our generation has taught us that dopamine released in our body is responsible for happiness. There are two or three reasons which can generate dopamine and one of the reasons is showing deep kindness towards your loved ones and the others around you. This is mainly the reason why we feel glad and satisfied when we give something to our loved ones and they actually like it.


However, before this happiness comes to the real conundrum where we face a certain level of stress. The stress that is accompanied with the confusion to select the best-suited gift for your loved one which they love and appreciate. In this article, we aim to reduce this herculean task and give you the secret to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. We will be discussing some basic criterion, which will come in handy the next time you plan on buying that perfect gift for your loved ones.

10 Ways find best gifts for your loved ones!

1: Identify the interest of the person and their past habits that define who they are?

Gift Ideas are often derived from the elements present in the surrounding of the person. You need to observe the person and their habits, Identify what their daily routine entails and what kind of activities they love to do. E.g. observe your little nerd brother – who is sitting on a chair and working on his laptop to complete a new science project. What could be the best gift for him? 

Did you notice – he is sitting on a chair and working on a laptop. He may not have a table or an option to set up the laptop to sit and work quietly and comfortably. 

Now a different example, your maid’s little son – he is running around in your house while his mother is working in her day shift.  However, when you raise an eyebrow on his running and screaming around, she tells him to sit in a corner. But he does not have anything to play with. Now if you would like to give him any gift – what would you give him? I would give him a handheld 16-bit video game to play with. I am sure that video game is going to be a great gift for him to play with which will also stop the screaming and commotion that he has been creating in your house…

2: Back to the Past (not future!)

Everybody has a past, it can be as small and uneventful as going to school in a city or it can be as big as a marriage ceremony. The past will be a great help to identify the type of gift you can offer to someone. So for example, if your friend is married you should think of a gift idea which can be useful to both husband and wife. In this case, a good gift idea can be photo frame set or couple ticket to movies. 

A couples gift for a married friend is a great idea. This will be very thoughtful and be appreciated by both your friend and his/her spouse.

3: Create a list of things they may need in the coming days.

You will need to look closely in the life of your loved one and estimate the list of products or things they may need at the moment. Create simple list of things which are essential for them and based on your budget cover as much as elements from the list. So if I am going to meet my friend who recently became a Mom. I would like to think of all the things that she might need at this point of time for both her baby and herself. IF you look carefully a new mom or dad spends mostly on baby stuff, that includes but not limited to nappies to wipes, massage oil to feeding bottles. A gift package which covers most of such item would be a great gift idea.

4: Make sure that the gift you are planning brings smile on their face

It is not necessary that the things which are required in life make great gift ideas. Sometimes something that reminds them that they can also be extraordinary makes your loved ones happy. E.g. my cousin who loves Marvel comics, will certainly live the Marvel Action Figures as his bday gift.

So your gift must be chosen very carefully to make the receiver happy and bring a smile on their face.

5: Take a note of the occasion before you make the gift ready

In india we have three major seasons and almost 20 or more small or big festivals to offer and accept gifts. So whatever you have planned, think of occasion for which the gift is planned. You should not gift an Oppo mobile phone to your niece on her 3rd birthday or you are not supposed to plan a laser tag game with your friend when he is celebrating 1st wedding anniversary.

So depending on the occasion and the other factors choose the best suited gift for your loved ones.

6: Food, Dry Fruits, Chocolates and Sweets as gifts are as good as anything else.

A lunch invitation at your home to your bachelor friends is a much better gift than buying them tickets to a newly released movie. A packs of fresh fruits are best when it comes to occasion like house warming pooja / Grah Pravesh Pooja. So identify the occasion and see if you  can offer someone eatables as gift and do for it . 99% of the time a good food time really works wonders – if you can reach the stomach of a person, then you can rest assured that you have touched their hearts as well.

7: Always leave a trail of your personality with the gift you planned for your loved ones.

This is a very important aspect of art of gifting. Make it personal or include something that reminds the person about you or time they have spent with you. For example, I would gift my best friend a white formal shirt – because few years ago he lent me his white shirt on my first day at work.

8: Be Charitable and show your kind soul here

Never try to save extra penny, when you are planning the budget for the gifts. Try to use the best resources you have for obtaining the gift as well as try to use as much as money you can afford to spend for the gift. E.g. never settle for cheap watches for your sister if you have the budget to purchase fastrack watch go for it.

9: Always means always stay in budget

Being kind does not mean that you spend all your monthly expenses on the gift for their loved ones. There can be a number of things which can go wrong here. If your friends does not like the gift then you have overspend on something that is of no use and you compromised on your budget as well. On the other side if your person does like the most you have set high standards and will have to continue the trend in the future as well. So an expensive gift can certainly come and bite in your back. So adjust your expectations and set a budget and do not go beyond that.

10. Sometimes you are the real gift, so make yourself available

If it’s been 4 consecutive year that you are sitting in Bengaluru, and have not visited home on Holi. You may not miss the Holi and fun associated with it but be damn sure that your parents, your sister and your brother would miss you this year as well. Similarly, if you are receiving your Rakhi again through the courier this year – you need to step out of your house and visit your sister but make sure you check and buy one of the Best Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Sister under ₹ 500. The gift does not necessarily have to grandeur. Even if you bring something as small as a chocolate for your family members, it will be more than sufficient  they will be more than delighted to see you reaching there on the perfect occasion.

This is the perfect cheat sheet that everyone must have when buying a gift for your loved ones. These points may have specific examples but are not exclusive to any occasion. For any occasion buy the best gift for all your closed ones keeping in mind their interest, the occasion and yes your budget. Though you may have made blunders in the past, let that be the past and be the perfect Santa Claus in the future giving everyone the gift that they will love and appreciate. 

Gift not because it is an obligation, but because they deserve it for making your life beautiful. 

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