Best Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Sister under ₹ 500

If you love your sibling (even if you fight a lot), Rakhi always has a special space in your heart. Like every brother, you only wish the best for your sister and it the list of best things also includes the rakhi gifts. There is always a possibility that you are not an adult and not earning anything in your school days, but have saved enough from your pocket money to purchase the best rakhi gift in your available budget. Now the budget can be from ₹ 100 – ₹ 10,000 (depending upon what your actual pocket money is :P).

But seriously, we boys tend to think for next step, when we are about to finish or just finished the last step, so it is probably very late to muster up budget of thousand rupees for this year’s Rakhi gift. Now for all late comers and running on low budget, I have done a good amount of research to come up with a list of Rakhi gifts which are not only awesome but ready to be fit under your budget and looking at your current expenses like chocolates, movies, snacks and possibly (let’s assume 1% chance of having) girlfriend, I kept it list of best rakhi gift ideas under ₹ 500.

This list is extensive and speak about the specific product instead of categories or options. I have tried to cover all possible categories that can offer a product that would be useful for your sister in her daily life in one way or another. So without further ado, here is the list

Best Rakhi Gift Ideas under ₹ 500

Watches (Because time never stops)

rakhi gift - watch

Watches are always loved by everyone and they can be a cool gift idea if you plan everything perfectly. Below is the link to some of the budget watches from Amazon and will certainly come under the amount we decided to go with. Now only thing that is remaining is to order the watch as soon as possible.

Expected Cost: Under ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now

Backpacks : Unload the loads!

I do not need Backpack!
– No one said ever.

Partially because they can be used to carry almost anything on any occasion. You are school / college going kid – carry your books and notebooks, you are working adult – carry your laptop man! And if you are travelling – just pack your tees and jeans in it. So saying that Backpack is a cool rakhi gift is an understatement of the rakhi season. Grab the best one from the below shared link and order soon to receive it before Rakshabandhan.

Expected Cost: Around ₹ 390 – ₹ 499 | Click Here to Buy Now

Pen / Marker Sets : Write your way in!

If you are sister is a student, no matter of what class. She will eventually be writing papers of her exam and she will require awesome pens and pen sets which includes Pens of different colors, Sketch pens for titles, highlighters for revisions on the book and so on. The following link will take you to the awesome product from Luxor offering a set of pens and sketches for this specific purpose only. I am sure this is one of the best rakhi gift ideas under 500.

Expected Cost: Around ₹ 449 (including shipping) | Click Here to Buy Now

Study Lamp : Like Knowledge it spreads light!

Again, this is going to be very useful for a student, specially when “Winter is coming” (pun obviously intended). The LED lamp suggested here has a rechargeable batteries with 3 bright light settings. This can be very useful when there are power cuts in your area and there are assignments need to be completed overnight or next day is exam and your sister has to pull an all nighter but you are being a mean kid again by not allowing her to turn the main lights on. So do her and yourself a favor, save the kich kich and gift this lamp / emergency light to your sister this rakhi.

Expected Cost: ₹ 449 | Click Here to Buy Now

Power Bank: Because phone needs charging – On The Go!

Now, this is called a genius step. Offering her a way to charge her phone and keep talking to her friends without connected to power socket. This is a check – mate kind of move. She can charge the power bank and simply connect it with her phone whenever she needs – during a travel, during a call or even when she is in bed. All she has to do is connect with phone and save herself from finding a power outlet every again. 

Expected Cost: ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now

USB Pen Drives : Store away your data!

I believe almost everyone in this generation owns or needs a pen drive irrespective of it’s memory size. Extremely useful device for data transfer so if you have any doubt that she would not be using a pen drive (you can just ask her and embarrass yourself :P)  or just buy the one from below mentioned link and help her carry her project or office data safely wherever she goes.

Expected Cost: ₹ 350 – ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now

Bluetooth Headsets / Earphones: Connects you without wire!

These are trending these days. Easier to hook with your phone via Bluetooth and much easier to carry – the bluetooth earphones and headsets are praised by everyone who owns a smart phone. This can also be a good rakhi gift idea this year and it has so many variations with them, I decided to include three categories here in the list.

Expected Cost: upto ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now (mostly local brands)

Expected Cost: up to ₹ 1000 | Click Here to Buy Now 

Expected Cost: up to ₹ 1500 | Click Here to Buy Now (Brands like boAT etc)

Sunglasses: Shades in Sunrays!

Sunglasses are style statement for everyone. This can be a simple choice for a Rakhi Gift this year as sunglasses are always useful in any season for any person. So browse the best looking one from the link below and order as soon as possible to receive the sunglasses before Rakhi.

Expected Cost: upto ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now

Books : Because they are a uniquely portable magic!

There is no friend as loyal as a book. 
– Ernest Hemingway

Love stories, War crimes, Autobiographies, Sci-Fi and many more, there can be any book from one of these genres to be considered as best gift under 500. Browse through the link below to find most useful book category for your sister. It need not be a novel, it can also be her class text book or book from her competitive exams. Ensure to know her requirements and go for it.

Expected Cost: upto ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now

The Ace of Gifts : Gift Cards

Now are you still not sure if the ideas shared above are good enough as a gift?

Or you know that she needs something else and you certainly don’t have any idea about it?

The best solution is to go with digital gift cards. Just select one, load the balance based on your budget and send it to your sister. Now she has the money as gift card and can purchase whatever she wants. The best thing is, she can even add her money as well to buy something that she had in her mind. Find below the link to browse and purchase the gift card for the sister.

Expected Cost: upto ₹ 500 | Click Here to Buy Now

Do you still feel that your hunt for Online Rakhi Gift for this year is not over?

Find Best Rakhi Gift Ideas here.

I sincerely hope that the list shared above has helped you to find best fit Rakhi gift for your sister that too in your budget. But let me tell you one thing, there is no limit or budget on sisterly love, she only wants you to love her as much as she does. Gifts are just means of showcasing that you remembered the day of Rakhi, rest is feeling the love towards your family.

Happy Rakshabandhan!!!

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